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Tip Tuesday! Best Practices for Using Derived Fields in PLM 360

By     SEPTEMBER 22, 2015

3235149485_66657ea905_z I first talked about derived fields almost three years ago in Feature Friday: Are We Related? Derived Fields in PLM 360 Since they’ve been in use for quite some time, I thought it would be a good idea to go over some best practices when using derived fields.

First off – a review of what they are: Derived Fields allow you to reuse data by configuring the “Item Details” tab in a workspace to display data sourced from a selected item in another workspace.  You can read even more about them in the Help guide under Derived Fields.

Some best practices:

  • Utilize Derived Fields for information that is constant, and not always changing or requiring numerous updates.
  • Utilize Derived Fields for repetitive information in multiple records or workspaces.
  • Utilize Derived Fields for selection to auto-populate preset output.

Some other things to keep in mind – Derived Fields do not populate when importing data.  Changing Derived Field Source does not automatically update Derived Fields.  Also, Changing Derived Fields Source will require the user to update the Derived Fields manually.


Photo: sojamo (left: coral during low tide. right: vector field manipulated by perlin noise and other tricks.)