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Tip Tuesday! Best Practices for My Outstanding Work in Fusion Lifecycle

By     FEBRUARY 14, 2017

We’ve talked about My Outstanding Work in previous blogs (using the refresh to see the latest and greatest, and configuration considerations).  Today I’d like to share a few best practices for Fusion lifecycle admins – there are a few things you can do to make sure this works best for your end users (there’s a lot of discussion on the Forum around this topic recently – I’m pulling some of the best practices from there).


Outstanding work not functioning properly


  • Make sure you are only setting the Display in My Outstanding Work where you really need it (this will help reduce the refresh time needed).
  • Review workflow transition states again, making sure it’s only enabled where needed.
  • Remember condition scripts impact My Outstanding Work – review scripts to make sure they are optimized.

The admin in the above forum post saw the following improvements: “As Admin, my MOW refresh time was in the 5 to 10 minute range.  It is now ~70 seconds.  The typical user (non-Admin) is ~30 seconds or less.  Average about 10 seconds.”

– Michelle Stone