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Tip Tuesday! Becoming Classy with Classification in Autodesk PLM 360

By     FEBRUARY 9, 2016

Even though it’s been two months since Autodesk University 2015, I’m still remembering little tips to share with you guys.  Today’s tip comes from the class PL10355: Becoming Classy with Classification (this was recorded, so if you weren’t able to attend live, you can watch the recording – if you are interested in a technical deep dive of how a real customer set up Classification and why the feature is so important to them, be sure to check it out!).

This tip is simple, but it is a great visual reminder for your end users.  When you have a section on your item details page where classification is employed, it’s a good best practice to denote in the Display Name that the person filling out the information will need to click on the Classification Root to classify the item.  Something like “Click to Classify” to give them a visual cue:


Join us tomorrow for our next Virtual User Group – Aaron Orange (the presenter for Becoming Classy with Classification) will be sharing his thoughts around scripting in PLM 360.  

PLM 360 Virtual User Group: Scripting for Success