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Tip Tuesday! Award Winning PLM 360 Workflow Tip

By     JANUARY 12, 2016

Happy New Year!  One of my resolutions is to take some of the golden nuggets I learned while attending Autodesk University last month and put them into action!  I was quite happy to see that one of the classes I attended – and jotted down quite a few handy tips from – was awarded ‘Best Lecturer’ And the Award Goes To… Well deserved Orrin! PL11502: Let the Good Times Flow: Advanced Workflow Behaviors was a great class.

One tip I got was to use what they called sub-states to put a workflow on hold.  It’s essentially another state with the transitions hidden from the end user, but this allows an alternate state of an item without leaving the current state.


I like that you can see this ‘On Hold’ state in views or reports.  I encourage you guys to download the Handout from this class to learn more about this and other workflow branching techniques.

Orrin’s co-speaker Carter Mast will be talking more about Advanced Scripting in our next Accelerate Virtual User Group on February 10th – register now PLM 360 Virtual User Group: Scripting for Success.