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Tip Tuesday! Accessing PLM 360 Technical Support

By     OCTOBER 27, 2015

adsk_account One of the most frequently asked questions for folks new to PLM 360 is “How do I get help?”.  Since many of you guys are new to Autodesk, we’ve beefed up the “Autodesk PLM 360 Technical Support” section in our Help guide to give everyone the ins and outs of how the Autodesk Account works. Autodesk Account is a personalized and easy-to-use portal where Autodesk customers can track and manage all of their Autodesk products, services, and benefits in one place.

Tip: It is recommended that Autodesk PLM 360 users send support questions and issues to their company's PLM Administrator and then the PLM Administrator requests technical support on the Autodesk Account site. Configure the support email address in General Settings to go to your PLM Administrator. For our use of PLM 360 internally, I’ve created a distribution list and add other admins to it so we call are informed when an end user needs assistance.

Something else to keep in mind: Only users granted support benefits on the Autodesk Account site by a contract manager or a software coordinator can request technical support. If you do not have support access on Autodesk Account, contact your contract manager, software coordinator, or your company's PLM Administrator.