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Tip Tuesday! Fusion Lifecycle Configuration Tips

By     SEPTEMBER 6, 2016

For the last six months, I’ve been part of a new initiative here at Autodesk as a member of the Fusion Lifecycle Street Team (similar concept to the Fusion 360 Street Team).  It’s been a great way to connect with new customers and help them get up and running quickly.  In our internal team meeting last week, we discussed some of the best practices we’ve all been covering with customers. I’ve touched on some of these concepts in a previous blog (cloning workspaces), but it bears repeating.  Since there’s no ‘undo’ in workspace configuration, there are a couple of approaches to take when configuring workspaces.  If there’s a field you don’t need, consider moving it to ‘unassigned’ rather than deleting it (in case you need it later).  You can also clone the workspace in whole to keep as a reminder of the original configuration. 

Want to ‘undo’ a change?  You can review the Setup Log to see what was changed in a workspace and manually redo.


— Michelle Stone