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Tip Tuesday! Acting on Your Behalf in PLM 360

By     MARCH 4, 2014

The last couple blog posts have been talking about delegations (Easily See What Work Has Been Delegated to You in PLM 360 and Sharing the Workload with Delegations).  I want to make sure you guys know that even if someone performs your workflow transitions for you, there’s still traceability to that fact.

When the delegatee goes to perform the transition, they can see it’s on behalf of someone else (in cases where they may have been delegated work from multiple people, they can select on who’s behalf they are acting):


This information is also displayed in the workflow history:


We’ll be going over the benefits of delegations in tomorrow’s PLM Talk.  Also see the online Help for detailed information on the Delegation Manager, how to Set Up a Delegation, and how to Manage Delegations.