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Tip Tuesday! A Quick Way to Add Assemblies to an ECO in Autodesk PLM 360

By     DECEMBER 23, 2014

Earlier in the year, a customer posted an enhancement request to the PLM 360 IdeaStation for an Easier/faster way to add new assemblies to a change order.  I’ve missed blogging the past couple Friday’s due to travel, so I’ll be featuring this feature in today’s tip!  This is a real time saver and, as you can see from all the kudos is received, oft requested.

You’ll get to the screen to choose which related items (you can include just direct children or all children and even filter if you want all or just those where the working version is different from the release) from the Action column on the Managed/Linked items tab. [Note: many admins change this tab name to Affected Items].



— Michelle