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The Real Life Challenges: Integrating Fusion Lifecycle To Systems

By     JANUARY 11, 2017

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Let's keep the momentum going and look at one more class on Fusion Lifecycle at AU 2016.  Michael Pares with Greenpoint Technologies talks about integrations that he has done in the past with Vault & PLM, then upcoming needs for better decision making and integration between tools.

He candidly shares the real challenges, i.e., paying for software that still isn't in use yet.  Autodesk's Martin Gasevski joins in and shares his view from the development side of capabilities and thoughts for moving forward. 

Michael then explores 3 options for integrating.  Scripting, Middleware and Evented Web.

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This is a great class for exploring integrations with Fusion Lifecycle.

Checkout the handout for step by step instructions with Evented Web! Watch the full class recording here.

– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing