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Tip Tuesday! Spacing_Out_with_Scripts in Fusion Lifecycle

By     SEPTEMBER 26, 2017

Today’s post involves one of those feature enhancements that while seemingly small, pays off in a big way. Truly one of those “it’s the little things” type of improvements. This involves scripting, and a change made in Fusion Lifecycle to allow for spaces in the script name.

First, a look at the current state of most of the tenants out there. Let’s take a quick journey to the Admin side of Fusion Lifecycle (note that you’ll have to be a site Admin to follow along) and navigate to Administration>System Configuration>Scripting

Welcome to the Scripting area!

There are loads of scripts in here – from Condition to Validation to Action and Library scripts. While the new feature here applies to all scripts, we’re going to focus on Action scripts, as they have a front-end user interface if you choose to use it.

Take a look at the sample screen cap to one of my tenants below. Note_the_liberal_use_of_underscores_to_call_out_script_names. AlsoNoteTheScriptsNamesThatAreCollapsedTogether. Note the most visually appearing, eh?

9-26 Blog 1

Now, as an Administrator, on any given Workspace in Fusion Lifecycle, you can set Action scripts to fire at record creation, upon edit of the record, or at any time on demand. Set these in Administration>Workspace Manager and this is under the Behaviors entry in any given Workspace.

9-26 Blog 2

The drop down list pulls from the Action scripts in the tenant, and inherit the exact names of the scripts. So what, right? Well, as an Admin, you can edit the script in the script editor, remove the _underscores, add spaces instead, and save/close. This change permeates through the system, updating everywhere.

Here’s why this is nice. Users on the front end of Fusion Lifecycle may use push button scripting – a nifty little function that is on the same toolbar as Create, Delete, Clone, etc. Upon picking that button, a list of available Action scripts – configured by the site Admin – will list out. Instead of the barrage of underscores and concatenated words, you re greeted with nice, readable names of on-demand Action scripts to choose from.

9-26 Blog 3

So, take some stock of your scripts, maybe plan a cleanup day. I know I’ll be tidying up the new default tenant configuration launching soon. Getting this sorted may take time, but does provide a more polished look throughout the tenant. Enjoy!

– Brian Schanen | Product Manager | Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle