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Tip Tuesday

Tip Tuesday! Signing in to Fusion Lifecycle

By     JANUARY 16, 2018

After enjoying a nice long weekend, it occurred to me on the drive in that today was Tuesday and I owe you guys some tips.

My oldest has been using Fusion 360 for his science project and needed to share it with his teacher.

We discussed how she would get the notification and would need to log in with her Autodesk ID to view, and if she didn’t have an account, she’d be prompted to create one.  Very similar to when our (Fusion Lifecycle) admins invite suppliers or contract manufacturers to collaborate in our solution.  Here are a few tips I’ve gathered over the years to help folks that may have never used Autodesk products before:

In the admin section, you can see if a user you’ve added to your Fusion Lifecycle tenant has ever logged in successfully by checking their status.  ‘Reserved’ shows me that even though I’ve added them to the tenant, they’ve never logged in:

An easy way for you to tell if a user you’ve invited for your tenant has gone through the steps to create an Autodesk ID is to check and see if that email address has an account associated with it.  I’ve found some users may think they already have one and try to sign in.  I like to verify that by going to “Create an account” (I don’t *actually* create it, just see if it’s available).  If they don’t have an account, you will see:

Versus when an account exists, you will get the following notification when you input the email address:

Once you’ve verified whether or now the account exists, you can either advise them to either create an account or if they’ve forgotten their password, show them how to reset it:

– Michelle, Fusion Adoption Customer Success