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Bill of Materials

Same Item but Different? Create Items Using Save As.

By     APRIL 21, 2014

So far we have had a look at the new assign Item to CAD file process and creating a new Item as a BOM row, but another long requested option is to copy an Item to create a variation on the existing Item including its Bill of Materials, enabling users to define a different color or finish, a variance in handing or perhaps tracking separate machine numbers on the same basic design.

In order to build you new item in Vault Professional 2015, it's simply a matter of selecting "Save As" from the file menu on your current open Item.

  Save As

Much the same as we saw with the create item from Bill of Material row, the new item is created in the background meaning there is no "new item" interface.

When you now browse to and open your new item you will notice that the detail from the source item is copied across including item properties (Title and Description as well as any user defined item properties) and any attached files.

You'll see here though that we do not copy across the linked files (for example those primary files on the original item used to define the mapped properties and item Bill of Materials) and this is worth noting.  Your new item will be created with a replica of the original BOM consisting of manual rows, which can be modified, but are static, meaning, as is the case with your new item properties,  the BOM will not be updated along with changes made to the original item.

Change your item number, modify the unique item properties to reflect the variations and there you have it, a nice quick way to build items on the fly using existing detail and BOM without having to start from scratch.