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PLM 360 Summer School: Updating & Deleting via Import

By     JULY 1, 2015

We're now in the second week of our PLM 360 Summer School video series. If you haven't seen the first 4 videos, check them out here. So far we’ve examined the process to setup and Import data into PLM 360 from MS Excel. Depending on the target of the import, you can bring in bulk data and populate the Item Details tab (the first, far left tab in any given Workspace) with data to multiple fields and field types. For Bill of Materials, we can bring in data with revision and lifecycle history as well.

In this next tutorial, the focus is using the Import tool to both mass update and selectively delete records within PLM 360. Finally, we take a look at the behind-the-scenes roles and permissions that make this all possible. Watch Part 5 here, and subscribe to PLM TV for future content.


– Brian Schanen