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Tip Tuesday! Use Milestones to Help Keep Product Development on Track

By     JANUARY 9, 2018

Today’s tip comes from a customer I was working with yesterday.  Did you know you can use the createMileStones library function in Fusion Lifecycle to automatically populate the milestones tab in a variety of fashions?  This can be useful if you have products for varying complexity.

The inputs passed to the functions in the library script are the workflow state names, number of days between each milestone, the milestone event type (either ENTER or LEAVE), and the warning days before.  The input that I envision varying based on product complexity is the number of days between each milestone.  For a product of low complexity, perhaps 5 days between the initial dates suffices, for medium maybe 10, then 15 for your most complicated.  Keep in mind this automation is just a first step at dates – they can (and most likely will!) be adjusted during any of the stage gate reviews.

A bit more about the functions in the library script.

  • createMileStones(WFstates, numDaysOffset, milestoneEvent, daysWarning) – this is a fairly generic function to create a set of milestones
  • createMSFromDueDate(WFstates, dueDate, milestoneEvent, daysWarning) – this will allow you to find the time between now and the due date and space out the milestones evenly
  • createMileStonesStartDate(WFstates, startDate, numDaysOffset, milestoneEvent, daysWarning) – this will make sure the milestones are all set to the next Friday
  • createEditMileStones(WFstates, milestoneEvent, daysWarning) – this allows you to create or edit a set of milestones based on the dates supplied

Be sure to check out the valuable library script and use it to help keep your processes on track!

– Michelle Stone, Autodesk