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PLM 360 Ideastation - It Takes a Community

By     OCTOBER 2, 2015

KudosThe other day I ran upon a post from Product Manager Jon den Hartog – he shared his thoughts on the importance of user involvement and feedback to the future of our Autodesk Inventor product. The same couldn’t be truer for PLM 360 as well, and inspired me to share with you the details of how we make decisions about which new features/enhancements to include in our product.

We keep a close eye on trends in technology and within the industry. Some features are added to help our users tackle new challenges facing manufacturing – to give them an edge, and help them remain competitive by allowing them to bring products to market faster and focus on innovation. More importantly, we rely on our users to let us know what would help them to be more efficient and to get the most out of PLM 360.

Ideastation connects you with our Product Development team

PLM 360 Ideastation is managed and monitored by our product development team. A team that not only knows our product well, but also our users. You can find them on the forums any given day, answering questions and offering solutions to the challenges our customers face. You can also interact with them through the PLM 360 Beta Program, where they're gathering feedback from customers on soon-to-be-released new features. 

We count on your feedback to decide which Ideas to pursue

When an idea is posted on Ideastation, we first check to see if an available solution already exists. If not, we open up the idea to other users, counting on all of you to let us know if a particular request would be useful to a large number of our customers. You can show your interest in a certain idea by either commenting, or giving it kudos.

The Customer Advisory Board helps lead us in the right direction

The ideas that are found to be useful to our customers are brought to our C.A.B. (Customer Advisory Board) – a group of highly PLM-passionate users which we work closely with to understand the needs of our customers overall. Together, they talk through the pros and cons of the latest ideas and share their feedback on which belong on the PLM 360 Roadmap. 

Infographic for FBCome share your wishlist, vote on existing ideas and give your feedback! To find out all the ways that you can take part in PLM 360 Community, visit our Community News page.


– Trung Nguyen, Product Manager