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Is your Smart Watch smarter than your Business?

By     NOVEMBER 20, 2015

Smartwatch”What gets measured gets managed.” Metrics can drive behavior, they can curb behaviors, they can improve performance. Cue up the demo of any smart watches now on the market.

I currently use the Suunto Ambit, a dated but brilliant piece of equipment.   It is a freaking sports lab on my wrist some days and others it is a wasteful and silly fashion piece. 

Let’s look past the device for a moment and get "under the hood" so to speak.

What sold me wasn’t necessarily the device, but the platform.  I wanted to focus on racing and training and not on the collection and management of data. Using this technology reminds me that that most companies need the same thing for their business. Lets look at some of the highlights:


Data in One place, in a Universal format – I love this one!  I can view any historical activity/data without having to open an old piece of software (or to open Excel or Notepad).  But, I have the option to export when it's really needed.

Dashboard Experience - One place where I can see it all.  Activity for the past, present and future planning. Personalized to fit the profile or scope of the user.  

Connected Platform & Devices –  This goes both ways…. I wanted my heart rate strap (ridiculous I know) to talk to the watch and the sensor on my bike to do the same.  I need everything talking…I want to be able to view all the data from a tablet, phone, and laptop.  Mac OS or Windows – Yep I want both.  All that is required is access to a web browser.

Different Profile Views  The metrics for a trail run are inherently different than say back-country skiing. The same follows for a CEO needing to see a different level of performance and metrics than say what an engineering manager might need to see.  They both should be able to customize their views easily to see what they need.  High level down to the granular should easily be done. Profiles and scope both matter.

ReportingCan you access and understand both the highest performance, and the lows?  Is everything updated automatically?  Can you see when you were down and why?  This is clutch…having great reports is paramount to continued improvement.  

To summarize…

I want the same thing out of the tools I use at work as I do in my personal training and sports. I love having all my devices connected, feeding metrics to the cloud and all this data consumable through a web browser. Reports and configurable profiles of that data should be easy as pie. I want to have real time feedback and continue to refine my metrics and my key performance indicators.  

With the advent of cloud PLM, evented web offerings, and IoT I think the future looks very promising.


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– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing PLM 360 & Vault