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Accelerate Conference

Igniting the Spark at Accelerate 2015

By     JULY 24, 2015

Most everyone has heard of Ember, a high-resolution 3D printer from Autodesk that is capable of producing detailed parts at a high speed, and complex objects with a level of detail that extrusion printers can't match. Ember is powered by the Spark open 3D printing platform, learning over time, and continuing to improve print preparation and optimization each time you print. An open platform, Spark allows printing directly to Ember from any Spark powered 3D design application.

Along with the development of Ember, Autodesk created the Spark Investment fund – $100 million with the goal of fueling the new industrial revolution by nurturing innovative startup companies who are working to solve the challenges facing additive manufacturing. This effort not only helps to bring their ideas and products to market, but creates successful businesses that are "sparking" the Future of Making Things.

Ember 3D printer

Although a part of Autodesk, development of the Ember printer has worked more like a hardware startup company, and therefore faces many of the same challenges that other hardware startups do. The Autodesk Spark team turned to PLM 360, using the software to keep track of ECOs and variances as well as approved manufacturers and documentation related to compliance, certifications etc. It helps the team to create documentation that is easy for their CM to accept as well as keep track of their overall manufacturing. They continue to add in more functionality and use more features.

Come hear the Spark Team's story at Accelerate 2015, September 1-2 in Boston, MA. This is a free event with limited seating – reserve your pass before they run out!

– Kim Stout, Community Manager