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Automatic Labs - Connecting Cars with the Help of PLM 360

By     OCTOBER 23, 2015

Chances are that you've heard quite a bit about the Internet of Things – a network of "things" created with software, sensors and internet connectivity, which allow these objects to collect and share information. The applications of this growing technology in manufacturing are nearly endless, from increasing production efficiency in the factory, to allowing businesses to create smarter, more innovative consumer products (think wearables). In fact, analysts at Gartner estimate that 25 billion devices will be internet-connected by 2020.

There are numerous automotive applications that are changing how we interact with our cars. We now have access to built-in navigation systems, and diagnostic systems that alert you about almost everything in the car, from faulty lights to tire pressure. Even bigger, there is a focus on the production of driverless cars, which have to be aware of not only how to get from Point A to Point B, but of where it is on the road and in the world at all times.

Car Pic 2

Enter PLM 360 customer Automatic Labs, who have brought to the market a device that allows almost any car on the road, regardless of make, model or age, to get connected – tracking mileage, engine RPM, and fuel pressure. More importantly, it connects your car to other apps:


  • Nest. Preheat your home before you get there.
  • Concur. Create automatic (no pun intended) expense reports for your driving. Or you can link it to Expensify or FreshBooks instead. You can download to Microsoft Excel, if you prefer.
  • SpotAngels. Set reminders that can save you from parking tickets. You can also link the app to your Pebble watch to update you when it’s time to put more money in the meter.
  • License+. Coach your teen to safer driving.
  • IFTTT. Write your own connections using the IFTTT (If This, Then That) service. "

Read the full story on LineShapeSpace to find out how Automatic Labs is using PLM 360 to bring in The Future of Connected Cars.


Kim Stout, Community Manager