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Having more fun than ever creating and editing items

By     FEBRUARY 2, 2015

In addition to jamming all this new item functionality enhancements into the latest release we took time to make sure items are easier to work with than ever before.

As in previous versions of Vault Professional, you can automatically categorize Items based on predefined rules and change item category as required, but this release introduces an administrator controlled setting which enables users to assign category on create, making item creation more flexible and user friendly.


Likewise if you are creating a new item from the save as command, the new item opens directly in edit mode so you can dive straight into updating the new item detail.

On the general item tab you can now configure your associated file list view, including switching on and off visibility of linked files for a simpler view.  You can do other fun stuff too like re-size the view within the general and view tabs to view what's most important to you, we even moved the "Exit Edit Mode" button to make access on the toolbar simpler.

Watermarking has also been refreshed to provide configurable stamp settings based on lifecycle, properties or just a custom stamp.


A more flexible item dialog makes it simpler to create, edit and consume item details important to you, and based on your feedback simple changes to item create workflows will have you assigning faster than ever!

– Allan