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Bill of Materials

From Old School to New, Getting out of Excel

By     FEBRUARY 26, 2016

In a previous post, I explored my own experiences on what it was like to manage business processes with a failing PLM.  One thing I have experienced is the rampant overuse of Excel in businesses today.  I share some of my experiences using Excel and other hybrid solutions in the following presentation: watch it here.

BOM Old School

A quick cheaters guide….

Excel often gets used for Bill of Materials and Change Management.

BOM Management, whether it be the designs in CAD, what gets purchased, or what gets manufactured – it must be shareable across the company and managed.  

Shareable means engineering, supply chain, procurement and others can get to the master document or their needed version of the BOM.  With PLM 360, being in the cloud means hyper-connectivity and infrastructure is moot – downloads, installs, and updates. 

On the flip side, it must be managed. It needs to restrict certain users and groups at certain points in the project phase but also the ability to make changes and have those changes approved.  PLM 360 lets you manage roles for your users and let's you build approval workflows for all changes to your bill of materials. 

 Learn a little bit more about it here. 


– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing