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3 Grim Business Lessons Learned from The Walking Dead

By     OCTOBER 30, 2015


  Pic 1 TWD

Early on in the series, the survivors seem to be in shock or a reactive state. As problems arise, a series of knee jerk reactions transpire. They essentially form a caravan of old vehicles, creating the worst camping trip ever conceived by man. Makeshift everything with no real vision of what comes next is the group's Modus Operandi. “Do it different every time!” They shout without stopping to consider the alternative.

Many companies seem to adopt the same approach to their business processes and tools.

The Walking Dead group: “Of course the 40 year old camper and Walmart camp chair will last forever….why do you ask?”

Walking Dead Companies: “Of course Excel and our hobbled band of solutions will continue to work…”

Pic 2 TWD


Being out on the road always takes a toll on the group – wandering around without shelter through packs of zombies can be problematic. When the group comes across a secluded family farm owned and run by a local veterinarian, they find a more sustainable routine. Later, the Prison could have turned out to be the most sustainable solution of all. It had supplies, a series of fences, quarantine areas, weapons, a yoga center, and serious curb appeal. Despite numerous mistakes, like leaving cells wide open when the death flu was ravaging through the camp, the group could have leveraged all of the advanced capabilities available to them, and been a total success. Of course, for many characters, this ends very badly. It is a horror show after all.  


  Pic 3 TWD

After a small attack from a rival group, Rick and friends continue to remain in the prison. Despite having perimeter spikes, multiple gardens, farm animals and a council appointed to lead the group, it still falls to the Governor when he drives a tank through the front yard. I mean really, who wouldn’t plan for that? He calls himself the Governor and he zombifies his own girlfriend. And, let’s not even mention what he uses to “decorate” his house. Of course he is going to show up with a samurai sword and decapitate the most beloved character right in front of you. Of course, he is going to wreck everything, your systems were never meant to handle this!

Pic 4 TWD

Take it from Rick Grimes, If your business solution can’t handle a one-eyed, tank driving crazy person then you're gonna have problems!

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

*Images courtesy of AMC Studios

 – Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing (PLM 360 & Vault)