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Tip Tuesday! The New PLM 360 Community Center

By     SEPTEMBER 8, 2015

Want to be able to find all of your PLM 360 product news, blog posts, video content, and event info in one convenient place? Now you can. Our new and improved "Community News" page is live! We hope that this will become your one-stop shop for new content, and will encourage you to share your ideas with us openly and often. Bookmark this page and visit regularly to see:

  • What's New In-Product
  • Featured Blog Posts
  • The latest from PLM TV
  • User Requests from Ideastation (vote or share your own!)
  • Discussions happening on the Forums (ask your questions or share solutions)
  • Real-time live Twitter feed
  • Upcoming Events (Register for our Sept 16th PLM Talk to see what's new in PLM 360)
  • Meet the Team – Each month we'll introduce another PLM team member

Community Photo

– Kim Stout, Community Manager