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Fusion Lifecycle Quick Tip: Using the App Store

By     JUNE 6, 2017

In his book Steal Like An Artist, Austin Kleon spends 160 pages using some quirky illustrations to convey his deep belief that nothing is original. The fact is, that isn’t really a bad thing.  For engineers – how important is it to use existing designs and data when repeating a similar project, only saving the real ingenuity for the critical parts of the projects?  Or to reuse all those specs, datasheets and vendor docs that were painstakingly collected?

Fusion Lifecycle has some pre-built workspaces designed to save you time when starting out a new workspace or when you need to track additional data.  Check out the short video below where I explain how to install and use a pre-built app from the Fusion Lifecycle app store.  So, please, feel free to steal these like an engineer.

– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing