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Fusion Lifecycle Quick Tip: Hover and Preview

By     MAY 24, 2017

Fusion Lifecycle has plenty of prompts and shortcuts to make your life a bit easier.  The prompts you receive while hovering over your outstanding work, attachments, and change orders can fill you in without having to guess.  One new feature that I just discovered, much to my own embarrassment, is the preview feature on the home page.  If you click and choose “Preview” it gives a cool, quick view into the record without leaving the page.  I LIKE IT!

Check out the Video:

Also, in case you weren’t aware, today is Autodesk Answer Day! That means that we have Fusion Lifecycle experts staring at the Forum just waiting to answer all of your burning PLM questions. You can join the conversation and ask your questions on the Forum here.

– Tyler Beck, Technical Marketing