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Feature Friday: Something for the PLM 360 Code Warriors

By     JUNE 27, 2014

3899114449_ec210c67d5_zIf you’re a PLM 360 admin that loves to extend your workflow and workspace capabilities using scripting, you’ll love the new Script Debugger feature we introduced last month!  Lots of great advanced debugging features to help you develop and troubleshoot scripts.


The debugger will give you lots of visual cues as you walk through the script – there’s dynamic highlighting so you can see the active line of code you are debugging, breakpoints are marked in the line numbering. Something to note about breakpoints -  they are only accessible and can set them once you start debugging and not simply when editing a script.

The Help goes into more detail about the different commands and tabs.  As an admin myself, I’ve found it most helpful when troubleshooting my condition scripts (which I often employ to control who can perform certain workflow transitions).  I demoed this and other new features from our May 2014 release the other week in a recent PLM Talk.  Join us next Wednesday for one doing a deeper dive into PLM Connect (specifically showing a PLM 360 and Vault integration)


Photo: Marjan Krebelj