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Feature Friday: Sharing the Workload with Delegations

By     FEBRUARY 21, 2014

Today’s feature highlight is aimed at both PLM 360 Admins and Users, helping to reduce workflow bottlenecks within a given Workspace in PLM 360. Delegations are available several different ways. First, as a PLM 360 user, the My Delegations feature is available via drop down under your name.

2-21-2014 08-58-05

The Delegations tab provides you with the ability to create a new Delegation, disable one, delete a Delegation, and of course Clone a delegation. Gotta love the clone feature in PLM 360…

2-21-2014 09-23-07

All you need is a name for the Delegation, chosen Workspace, start/end date, and the lucky PLM 360 user. One more fun fact: the chosen one – the other user – will get a nice email to inform them that work has been delegated to them across the date range.

Next, for the PLM 360 Admin, the Delegation Manager sets up and manages Delegations for all users site wide. This can be found under Administration>System Configuration>Delegation Manager.

2-21-2014 09-53-57

The steps are similar to the users’ creation of Delegations with a slight addition – Admins can see Delegations from all users and create new ones as well.

One more thing…each user can see Delegations assigned to them via the My Outstanding Work on the home page. For more details on the Delegations feature, visit the PLM 360 Help.

-Brian Schanen