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Feature Friday: Orange You Glad You Can Compare Items in PLM 360?

By     JANUARY 10, 2014

2492945625_e7f1c078b3Last week we talked about the new pre-set BOM configurations.  Having this new features allows you to compare BOM item data.  This can be done in two different ways – either at the item level or from a change order.

You’ll find the compare icon on the BOM tab (if you are comparing at item level)”:


Once selected you’ll initiate the compare then pick the relevant comparison fields depending if you want to compare against the working version of the open item, compare two versions of the same item, or compare two different items.  Full details available on the Help under Compare at the Item Level.

You can also compare from the change order – this is really useful if you need to analyze the impact of the proposed change on your BOM. When you click on the compare icon from the ‘Affected Items/Managed Items’ tab, the item’s BOM tab will be automatically opened and it puts in the ‘Pending Changes’ configuration with an ‘as-of date’ as specified by the Effectivity entry in the tab.  See Compare From Change Order in our Help.

We’ll be going over these features in a greater detail during our next PLM Talk technical webinar January 22, 2014.  Another great resource for learning more is available on the Autodesk University website PL2572: BOM Management with Autodesk PLM 360: Advanced Topics.


Photo: TheBusyBrain