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Feature Friday: Nothing is Permanent Except Change

By     MARCH 14, 2014

Today I’d like to talk about how many of the features we’ve talked about in these Friday blogs work together to tell an overall story about Change Management and how it’s key to help you track change history – know who’s reviewed changes, who signed off, where are the bottlenecks. Features like reminders, escalations, and delegations all help with the pressing need companies have for a closed-loop change management system to drive continuous improvements.

“An efficient change process can cut up to 33% off of the typical product development cycle time.” (McKinsey and Company).

Using PLM 360 to automate your change processes means changes are processed faster and earlier in the product lifecycle driving reduced product development costs, increased innovation, and improved product quality – all reasons why a company deploys a PLM system in the first place!

Be sure to also review our latest video on PLM TV giving an in-depth overview of BOM and Change Management.