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Feature Friday: Improved CX with Our Last Autodesk PLM 360 Release

By     SEPTEMBER 12, 2014

tourA big focus area for many companies in this day and age is around Customer Experience (CX).  Don’t worry, I’ll blog about the technical nitty-gritty of our latest release over the next few Friday blogs, but since most of my PLM background has been so customer facing (consulting, support), I’m always excited about things that make life easier for customers!

We’ve updated our Welcome Tour.  This new interactive, guided tour is a great first introduction the new PLM 360 users.  As I’m onboarding new users to our system, I’ll be sure to reminder folks to go there for a quick refresher. 

Did you check out the What’s New on our help?  In addition to highlighting a few of the latest features and enhancement, we’ve started publishing Release Notes.   It’s a great way to see what new features are included in the release as well as issues that have been resolved.