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Bill of Materials

Feature Friday! Getting Attached to your BoM

By     FEBRUARY 28, 2014

Today’s spotlight feature is Attachments in PLM 360. Specifically, within the context of a Bill of Materials Workspace. For review, the Items and BoMs workspace (and just about every workspace) has an Attachments tab. From there you can add, download and even check out files attached to the Item.

2-28-2014 09-51-27

In addition, you can access related attachments. In other words, you have a shortcut to other data without having to jump around to other Items, There is even a handy Zip & Download all feature to make collection of files super easy. Think Pack and Go but with a different name.

But it gets better…you can view and download Attachments right from the Bill of Materials tab. This is ideal if you spend time within the nested view of the BoM, sorting through different configured views, comparing BoM’s, and rolling up BoM data. Simply hover over the Attachment icon and click, a flyout pops up with details on the attached file.

2-28-2014 09-20-06

Finally, please note that if you want to Check Out one of the attached files, you will need to go directly to the Attachments tab. The flyout has a nice link right back to the Attachments tab.

-Brian Schanen