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Feature Friday: Escalate Using Permissions in PLM 360

By     MARCH 7, 2014

8242961822_b44f6a96cfA few months back we introduced Escalations in PLM 360 (Did You Forget to do Something in PLM 360?).  Last month’s release extended this by letting you not only escalate via transitions and scripts, but now you can also escalate using permissions. You can read full details on the Help in Set Up Workflow Escalations.  A few bits to keep in mind – you can disable any pre-condition scripts if necessary by selecting the checkbox:


And don’t forget if you create a new permission to assign this to a role via permission set up:


This is great to use if you need to add additional users to perform a pending transition in the workflow if it’s not acted on within a certain time frame – eliminates bottlenecks in your processes!


Photo: zoetnet