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Bill of Materials

Feature Friday: Deep Compare on Attachments

By     JUNE 6, 2014

Earlier in the year we made vast improvements to our BOM compare capabilities (we talked about this in previous blog post Orange You Glad You Can Compare Items in PLM 360).  In our last release, we made even more improvements – I’ll be highlighting them over the next few Feature Fridays.

Back in February, we improved access to attachments – files attached to BOM items could be viewed and downloaded right from the BOM tab.  Well now it gets even better! When you do a BOM compare, you see more than just the fact an item has attachments – you can see the differences between the 2 version you are comparing.

Attachment Compare

If you click on the attachment icon, you can go into a deep compare mode and see what exactly is different:

Deep Compare 1

You can learn more about all the new improvements in next week’s PLM Talk on What’s New – register and join us Wednesday June 11 at noon East Coast time.