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Feature Friday: Clearing Things Up in PLM 360

By     JULY 11, 2014

13972849574_7fb87f61f9_zAfter spending last week clearing trails where we camp, I’m ready to get back to blogging about great new features in PLM 360!  One that our coding friends will like is the new Clear() method we recently introduced.  Before we had the remove () method which was great for removing a single specified value or object in an array, but you’d have to use a for loop to clear everything.  Not anymore!  Now you can use clear () – it’s supported on multi-select fields on the item details page and on the various tabs where you would need it: Grid,Relationships, Bill of Materials, Sourcing, Workflow Items, and Project Management.

For example, to remove all items from a multi-select pick list, you’d use item.MULTISELECT.clear().  Want to empty the grid array?  Use item.grid.clear().

See the Scripting Reference in our help for more info.


Photo: Tina Franklin