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Feature Friday: Autodesk PLM 360 IdeaStation Ideas Implemented in Our Last Release

By     MAY 29, 2015

8024219523_615b5b562e_z I hope everyone is familiar with and uses the PLM 360 IdeaStation!  It’s a great place to share your wish list directly with the product team and vote up other ideas.  In our last release, we implemented several.  After you’ve read through them, consider adding your own ideas or commenting on other existing ideas.  Think of a Kudo as a Facebook ‘Like’ or Twitter ‘Favorite’.

One of the biggest in impact is being able to make filtered pick lists fields requiredClassification was also on the IdeaStation (we did an overview of it in last Friday’s blog – expect to see more in future blogs or join us for a PLM Talk on June 10th for a deeper dive of classification and other new features).  Another oft requested feature that was added in May was only allowing working revisions and unreleased items to be displayed in the ‘Add to BOM’ dialog

You can review all of the New Features, Enhancements, and Resolved Issues on the Help in the Release Notes.


Photo: Pimthida