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Feature Friday: Autodesk PLM 360 Classification Overview

By     MAY 22, 2015

Our May release included major new (and much anticipated!) functionality: Classification.  In broad terms, classification provides many benefits.   It helps with part selection and reuse.  It makes it easier to enforce business rules and really understand the function of an item (this can reduce the reliance on intelligent part numbers, if that’s important to your company).  By allowing class specific attributes, you can create a common taxonomy scheme to help communicate with your external suppliers.

In the next few weeks, we’ll be diving in deeper into this new feature.  For a great overview on how it works, watch this intro video:

You can see how classification can allow you to differentiate between items that share a business purpose but require different data to describe them.  Looking forward to sharing more about this great new functionality in upcoming posts, webinars at at Autodesk University!  Speaking of that, don’t forget next week in the deadline to submit class proposals – come share your knowledge of PLM 360 with others.