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Copy Design - The New Frontier

By     MAY 20, 2015

OK, so many of you are no doubt going to say "Hey, Copy Design is not new in 2016 – we had it in 2015R2", some may have even attended my AU class "How to Get Away with Copying All Your Work" last year (still available online) and have seen an overview of the new Copy Design, but in all the excitement I never got around to blogging my tips and tricks for the new tool, and besides, we have made some cool additions in 2016.

Copy StartI want to start off though with the basics, a quick guide to accessing Copy Design and UI before we get into the meaty topics.

The first thing we should know is that the New Copy design tool is available only in Vault Workgroup and Vault Professional, Vault Basic users, I'm afraid will only have access to the old Copy Design tool and Vault Office users don't get Copy Design at all.

New Copy Design is now an install option for the versions highlighted above and can be disabled during set up, by default though it will install and can now be accessed in one of two ways, either as a separate executable on your PC (found under the Vault install directory) which can be run independently of Vault Explorer and having the advantage of allowing you to copy data while you work in Vault Explorer at the same time, or we can now, as of 2016 access it direct from Vault Explorer.

By right clicking on a file and selecting Copy Design or using the command from the Edit menu (with or without a files selected) users can copy one or more files in VE.  This will behave exactly the same as the stand alone Copy Design tool (uses same rules, allows you to add additional files etc) but is modal meaning you cannot toggle between the Explorer and copy window.  

Up to you which way you prefer to roll.

Please note though those of you using 2015 R2 will still get the "old" copy design if you access from inside Vault Explorer – a trap for young players!

Once open you will see 3 main components of the new UI – a command ribbon with access to the Copy Design configuration and settings, a main pane with configurable grid display and a set of panels that provide advanced copy controls including file numbering, folder views, action details and where used info.

The new interface can be a little daunting for first time users, so we will pick this apart in the coming weeks and you can decide which parts of the interface you are going to use and what you can switch off, our goal here was to provide a tool that would allow simple copies for new users while still giving advanced Copy Design users the tools they need to configure a large or complicated copy task.

– Allan