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Clearing Things Up in Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

By     MARCH 22, 2017

Cache stockHave you guys ever seen The IT Crowd?  It’s a very funny British sitcom about the technical support department in a fictitious company.  I sit with lots of front line support folks at the office and we like the joke that many simple tech problems can be solved with ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’. We laugh, but that advice is actually used daily for our coffee machine in the break room! 

For cloud software, it seems ‘Have you tried clearing your cache?’ is the new ‘Have you tried turning it off and on again?’.  Clearing your internet browser’s cache will allow you to see updated content and can resolve issues where stored content conflicts with live content.

Here’s a tip for an easy way to clear your browser cache – something you may be asked to do when troubleshooting with support.  You can simply press Control+Shift+Delete.

This will bring up the Clear browsing history dialog box. No more navigating through the Tools options to find it. One keyboard shortcut is all it takes!

Note:  Clearing the cache works for many web applications, not just Fusion Lifecycle.  Keep it in mind next time you have trouble.

– Michelle Stone