How we use PLM here at Autodesk

Added on February 15th 2018

Our Autodesk Sales Enablement team has built out a great solution for managing course publishing for our learning program - using Fusion Lifecycle! Read more

App Friday: Healing SCARs with Fusion Lifecycle

Added on November 3rd 2017

This week’s feature Fusion Lifecycle app I’m showcasing is known as SCAR or Supplier Corrective Action Request. Read more

App Friday: Fusion Lifecycle Pumpkin Spice App

Added on October 27th 2017

J/K. Today’s feature App is known as SQBR (Supplier Quarterly Business Review). This workspace comes w/ calculations that help you track & monitor Supplier performance. Read more

App Friday: Showcasing the Fusion Lifecycle Training App

Added on October 20th 2017

This Fusion Lifecycle App is a powerful Workspace designed to allow you to create, track, monitor and manage employee training records in real-time. Read more

Tip Tuesday! Getting a Quick View in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on October 3rd 2017

This quick tip shows you how to get an easy list of your outstanding work in the active Fusion Lifecycle workspace with Quick View. Read more

What’s New in Fusion Lifecycle: June 2017

Added on June 27th 2017

See what's new in the June 2017 release of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle. Read more

Fusion Lifecycle Quick Tip: Using the App Store

Added on June 6th 2017

Fusion Lifecycle has some pre-built workspaces designed to save you time when starting out a new workspace or when you need to track additional data. Check out the short video below where I explain how to install and use a pre-built app from the Fusion Lifecycle app store. Read more

Tip Tuesday! Tracking Workspace Changes in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on May 9th 2017

Imagine trying to track every single change you and your team made to a record, bill of materials, or a project in Fusion Lifecycle. It sounds like a horrible job for a human and a perfect one for a cloud-based robot. So, how do you view that? Read more

Tip Tuesday! Save Time with Filtered Picklists in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on May 2nd 2017

Filtered picklists are another way to build intelligence into your Fusion Lifecycle (PLM) tenant. Read more

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