Feature Friday: Enhanced Participant Functionality in Our Latest PLM 360 Release

Added on September 18th 2015

In Previous Releases, Participant licenses did not include BOM Compare functionality.  It was requested on our IdeaStation to change that, so we did!  What’s so great about this? BOM Compare functionality along with all the BOM Configuration (as of date, bias) is now made available to users with Participant licenses so that they may evaluate […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! HTML Based Email Notifications in Autodesk PLM 360

Added on December 9th 2014

Fresh from #au2014 and ready to share even more tips with the PLM 360 Community!  In addition to sharing what I know about PLM 360 administration and usage, I attend Autodesk University so I can learn from others as well.  It’s often simple “why didn’t I think of that?” tips and best practices that are […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Workflow Notifications Demystified in Autodesk PLM 360

Added on September 23rd 2014

In our last release of Autodesk PLM 360, we improved how workflow notifications work to simplify their set up (see explanation for how they worked in the past in Don’t Go Cross-eyed Figuring Out Notifications).  Workflow notifications are now more efficient. When Notify owner by e-mail on occurrence is turned on for a transition in […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Taking the Work out of Workflow

Added on June 17th 2014

Some feedback I got from last week’s PLM Talk was to share more best practices around setting up workflows in PLM 360.  Today’s tip covers just that – here’s an easy way to make using our workflow engine even easier.  If you’re an admin, disable comments for transitions where input isn’t really needed.  I don’t […] Read more

Feature Friday: Gearing Up to Talk About Lifecycle Transition Checking in PLM 360

Added on May 30th 2014

Let’s talk about a new feature we recently released to help your Change Management process. Perhaps when creating the Change Order and adding the parts to the Affected Items tab it’s still up in the air as to which release path they would follow – is this an initial design revision or are we going […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Deciding Who Can Do the Work in PLM 360

Added on April 22nd 2014

Today’s tip is bought to you by a post on our Discussion Group for PLM 360.  I want to review several possible ways you can allow one user in a list of multiple users to review a workflow. You can use a condition script to block all, then decide based on a field from item […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Best Practices in PLM 360

Added on April 15th 2014

Today’s tip is bought to you by a late night “so that’s why I can’t edit this record” moment – if there are no further transitions in a workflow, it’s locked.  If you want to lock the workflow earlier, you can explicitly set the lock in the State Properties.  If you do want the record […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Taking a Vacation from PLM 360

Added on April 8th 2014

Today’s tip is for the end user!  So if you’re an administrator, this is a great tidbit to include in your training materials for how to use the delegations feature.  Summer is fast approaching and vacation is on my mind!  Let’s say I want to delegate some of my work to someone else while I’m […] Read more

Webinar Wednesday! Creating New Scripts Easily in PLM 360

Added on April 2nd 2014

So yesterday the day got away from me and alas, no Tip Tuesday blog.  To make up for it, I have a scripting tip for you!  Brian Schanen and I went over some tips, tricks, and best practices for scripting in today’s PLM Talk technical webinar.  Brian helped demystify scripting and we walked through several […] Read more

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