Six Workflow Features You Need to be Using to Get the Most Out of Your PLM Solution

Added on February 17th 2021

Process workflows are the heart of every manufacturing organization. Fusion Lifecycle allows you to  easily configure formal and fast-track workflow processes to match your organization’s needs. Teams can view the progress of a change in real-time graphically as it goes through each workflow state. This visual and collaborative environment allows you to define, review, approve, […] Read more

Keep Your PLM Apps in the Clouds and Data on the Ground

Added on August 23rd 2018

For manufacturers looking to streamline their product introduction processes and improve the management of their bill of materials (BOM), keeping your apps in the cloud and data on the ground makes good sense. Autodesk — along with our partners and consultants — have integrated Vault, our best-in-class PDM solution, with Fusion Lifecycle, our cloud-based PLM […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Spacing_Out_with_Scripts in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on September 26th 2017

This PLM tip involves scripting, and a change made in Fusion Lifecycle to allow for spaces in the script name - Get a walk through from the Admin side. Read more

PLM v. ERP – What’s the Difference and Why You Should Care

Added on May 5th 2017

Many business owners tend to equate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools with Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). On the heels of last week's successful Oracle + NetSuite conference (SuiteWorld), it seems appropriate to recap the differences between them. One of the biggest differences is apparent from their first words – Enterprise vs. Product. ERP represents a business system […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Simplifying Workflows in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on April 25th 2017

One great benefit of our solution is you don’t have to change your work process to meet the software – you can easily configure forms, fields, and workflows to match how your company operates. Read more

Tip Tuesday! Best Practices for My Outstanding Work in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on February 14th 2017

We’ve talked about My Outstanding Work in previous blogs (using the refresh to see the latest and greatest, and configuration considerations). Today I’d like to share a few best practices for Fusion lifecycle admins... Read more

Tip Tuesday! When You Need a Break from Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

Added on January 18th 2017

Today’s tip includes some reminders on what an end user should do before going on vacation (admins – make sure you include this in your training materials).  If you’re going to be out for an extended period, be sure to set up delegations so you’re not the bottleneck in work getting done.  There are detailed instructions […] Read more

Tip Thursday! Smarter Workflows with Fusion Lifecycle

Added on December 1st 2016

Good news!  The Autodesk University classes for 2016 have been uploaded.  So if you didn’t make it (or if you were there and missed some classes), be sure to check out the Fusion Lifecycle classes.  I was busy this AU manning the Answer Bar, so I’ll be sure to grab some popcorn and review quite […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! A Reminder about Reminders and AU2016

Added on October 18th 2016

Excited to say I’ve been asked to join Brian Schanen at Autodesk University to help give you guys an overview of Fusion Lifecycle features you aren’t using, but should be!! I’m really hoping to make more folks aware of some of the advanced workflow goodies that are often overlooked – reminders, escalations, hiding transitions, digital […] Read more

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