Modern Love: Filter and Find with Ease

Added on October 1st 2020

Not long-ago Christa titled one of her blogs after a Bowie song, so when it came to writing about the Modern UI in Fusion Lifecycle, what else could I title this?! If you’ve been a Fusion Lifecycle user for several years, you may still be using the classic user interface.  A new interface was introduced […] Read more

Keep Your PLM Apps in the Clouds and Data on the Ground

Added on August 23rd 2018

For manufacturers looking to streamline their product introduction processes and improve the management of their bill of materials (BOM), keeping your apps in the cloud and data on the ground makes good sense. Autodesk — along with our partners and consultants — have integrated Vault, our best-in-class PDM solution, with Fusion Lifecycle, our cloud-based PLM […] Read more

How Smart Manufacturers Avoid Quality Failure

Added on August 15th 2018

In today’s social media world, a bad product review can cause immediate brand damage to manufacturers. As a result, executives are now determined more than ever, to catch costly quality errors before they ship to market. That said, a mishap can occur anywhere in the product design cycle, by anyone across the supply chain. And […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! What’s New in Fusion Lifecycle: March 2018

Added on March 6th 2018

See what's new in the latest release of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle... Read more

How we use PLM here at Autodesk

Added on February 15th 2018

Our Autodesk Sales Enablement team has built out a great solution for managing course publishing for our learning program - using Fusion Lifecycle! Read more

Tip Tuesday! What’s New in Fusion Lifecycle: February 2018

Added on February 6th 2018

End users in particular will see a lot of improvements in the Modern interface in our latest Fusion Lifecycle release. Read more

Blockchain Technologies and PLM

Added on February 2nd 2018

Could #PLM tools benefit from applying blockchain technology? Autodesk's Fred Smith weighs in. Read more

App Friday! Apps Under Construction

Added on January 26th 2018

Given the age and the advancement of workflows and scripts, we’ve moved some of our Apps to "Under Construction", but just as some are offline, there are other Apps that are on-deck to be reintroduced. Read more

Tip Tuesday! Sharing Reports in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on January 23rd 2018

When setting up a report, you can specify the Report Access as Private, Shared or Public.  In this tip, get a few examples of when to use each option. Read more

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