How Smart Manufacturers Avoid Quality Failure

Added on August 15th 2018

In today’s social media world, a bad product review can cause immediate brand damage to manufacturers. As a result, executives are now determined more than ever, to catch costly quality errors before they ship to market. That said, a mishap can occur anywhere in the product design cycle, by anyone across the supply chain. And […] Read more

What’s New in Fusion Lifecycle: June 2017

Added on June 27th 2017

See what's new in the June 2017 release of Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle. Read more

Vault 2017 – Revision Roll Back Multiplies!

Added on May 12th 2016

One of the most frequently requested features we have had over the years is the ability to roll back revisions on files – we sorted that one out last release implementing a command to allow roll back of both item and file object revisions when things go bad (like an ECO being rejected).  This meant […] Read more

Where Vault Item Numbers Actually Come From

Added on March 3rd 2016

Another quick post from the "not as obvious as it may seem" category, relating to how we work with Item numbers in Vault. When assigning an item to a file we need to specify an item number.  The original intent in Vault was that this item number should be generated from an automated numbering scheme, […] Read more

Vault ECO – How do I enforce this stuff?

Added on January 14th 2016

There has been a number of subtle changes to ECO object behaviors of late, with the extension of flexible lifecycle definitions to items and addition of ECO record support to files we have seen necessary changes to the close ECO behavior as detailed in my last post, but also the addition of new properties and settings to control ECO […] Read more

Having more fun than ever creating and editing items

Added on February 2nd 2015

In addition to jamming all this new item functionality enhancements into the latest release we took time to make sure items are easier to work with than ever before. As in previous versions of Vault Professional, you can automatically categorize Items based on predefined rules and change item category as required, but this release introduces […] Read more

Different object, same old interface

Added on November 24th 2014

Over the last few weeks we have outlined changes to the Item workflow engine in Vault Professional 2015 R2 bringing it in line with the much more flexible file based lifecycle schemes.  One of the nice side benefits of this fundamental change is increased user interface consolidation, making configuring and working with items much more […] Read more

Creating Your New Item Lifecycle Scheme – Part 3: Bringing it to a Close

Added on November 17th 2014

At this point we have created our new Item Lifecycle Scheme in Vault Professional 2015 R2, mapped out all the transition requirements and actions, defined the state based security for items and their attached files making our job almost complete. The last few pieces now relate to the item state definitions as they relate to […] Read more

Creating Your New Item Lifecycle Scheme – Part 1: Making the Transition

Added on October 6th 2014

OK, so now we have taken a look at what your default Item lifecycle scheme looks like, lets focus on whats new in terms of creating your new item lifecycle scheme.   Why do we need more than one item lifecycle scheme though?  Good question.  Many users won't, but if you are importing purchased components […] Read more

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