Keep Your PLM Apps in the Clouds and Data on the Ground

Added on August 23rd 2018

For manufacturers looking to streamline their product introduction processes and improve the management of their bill of materials (BOM), keeping your apps in the cloud and data on the ground makes good sense. Autodesk — along with our partners and consultants — have integrated Vault, our best-in-class PDM solution, with Fusion Lifecycle, our cloud-based PLM […] Read more

How Smart Manufacturers Avoid Quality Failure

Added on August 15th 2018

In today’s social media world, a bad product review can cause immediate brand damage to manufacturers. As a result, executives are now determined more than ever, to catch costly quality errors before they ship to market. That said, a mishap can occur anywhere in the product design cycle, by anyone across the supply chain. And […] Read more

What’s New in Fusion Lifecycle: September 2016 Release

Added on September 20th 2016

The September release of Fusion Lifecycle includes quite a few new features and enhancements. I've listed some of the enhancements that you may find valuable below.   Improved Report Management Administrators can transfer the ownership of a report to another user. Did someone create a report and then leave the company? No problem. Transfer the […] Read more

Vault Copy Design, Rules for Action! What Are They Now?

Added on August 13th 2015

Another big request we have heard from users and have implemented in the new Copy Design is the ability to update properties for our new files.   We have for a while now been able to update the part number value as part of copy design, but what about all those other fields like stock […] Read more

Sharepoint Updates

Added on April 2nd 2014

Hot on the heels of the updated Microsoft Office integrations for Vault 2014 we are pleased to also announce our updated Microsoft Sharepoint integration. The Autodesk Vault Professional 2014 Integration for Sharepoint 2013 allows users to connect their engineering-specific design data with the latest release of Sharepoint for enterprise wide organization of information, people and […] Read more