Tip Tuesday! Using an Auto Description in a BOM View – PLM 360

Added on March 29th 2016

Today’s tip is hot off the presses from a recent Discussion Forum post.  There was a question about adding Classification fields to the BOM Views on the BOM tab.  While this currently isn’t possible, there’s a great workaround to achieve the desired result (and this can also be displayed on the Item Details page).  It’s […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Becoming Classy with Classification in Autodesk PLM 360

Added on February 9th 2016

Even though it’s been two months since Autodesk University 2015, I’m still remembering little tips to share with you guys.  Today’s tip comes from the class PL10355: Becoming Classy with Classification (this was recorded, so if you weren’t able to attend live, you can watch the recording – if you are interested in a technical […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Classification Field Sharing in Autodesk PLM 360

Added on November 24th 2015

Want to create a classification field that is common across classes?  Today’s tip is to make sure you know that you can with field sharing – you can add an existing field from another classification.  This is outlined in the Help menu, in Add a Field to a Classification (the Add an Existing Field section).  […] Read more

Feature Friday: Phantom Classes in Autodesk PLM 360

Added on September 25th 2015

  With our last release of PLM 360, we made several improvements to Classifications. Administrators can now create phantom classes as part of the classification hierarchy. Phantom classes are not used to classify an item but to create categories of classifications – it’s a great way to organize the classes. Here’s an example – you […] Read more

Feature Friday: Part IV – Using Classifications in PLM 360

Added on June 22nd 2015

Now that we've shown you an overview of our new Classifications feature, and shared how Admins can setup and apply the classification structure, let's take a look at how Classifications can be used in a real-life scenario. One of the initial applications for Classes are in the creation of records in the Item & BoMs […] Read more

Feature Friday: Classifications Part III – Applying in PLM 360

Added on June 12th 2015

Following the theme of Classification, today we'll take a close look at how to apply the classifications that you build. Please note that this step can be done at anytime once you have some structure started in the Classification Manager. Hint: you will put Classifications to use in a Section, on the Item Details tab. […] Read more

Feature Friday: Classifications Part II – Managing Classes

Added on June 5th 2015

A couple of weeks ago, we introduced major new functionality included in our recent PLM 360 update: Classifications. We went over the benefits, and shared a video overview of this new feature. This week we'll show you how to manage Classifications as an Administrator, including: creating new classes deleting redundant classes moving/reordering adding fields choosing […] Read more

Feature Friday: Autodesk PLM 360 Classification Overview

Added on May 22nd 2015

Our May release included major new (and much anticipated!) functionality: Classification.  In broad terms, classification provides many benefits.   It helps with part selection and reuse.  It makes it easier to enforce business rules and really understand the function of an item (this can reduce the reliance on intelligent part numbers, if that’s important to your […] Read more