CAD Integration

How Smart Manufacturers Avoid Quality Failure

Added on August 15th 2018

In today’s social media world, a bad product review can cause immediate brand damage to manufacturers. As a result, executives are now determined more than ever, to catch costly quality errors before they ship to market. That said, a mishap can occur anywhere in the product design cycle, by anyone across the supply chain. And […] Read more

Autodesk Factory and Vault 2017

Added on June 2nd 2016

One of the most notable updates for 2017 comes to us courtesy of the Autodesk Factory Team who have built a really powerful integration for Vault Professional that allows users to: Publish Factory assets to Vault Consume assets directly from Vault Manage factory layouts Carry out where used analysis Where previously users were prompted to store […] Read more

Vault and Inventor – New Versions, Compatibility and All That

Added on December 10th 2015

As many will be aware the Inventor team has provided subscription users with updated builds of Inventor 2016 containing a bunch of cool enhancements, that you can check out here: Whats new in Inventor 2016 R2 – Whats new in Inventor 2016 R3 – All good and well you say, but what does that […] Read more

Autodesk Inventor Welcomes Vault Into its Home (Page)

Added on May 11th 2015

Rounding out the Vault Inventor add-in enhancements for 2016 (and maybe one from 2015 R2) the Inventor team has added Vault project details and file status to their homepage while we implemented support for drawing underlays and changed the method used for calculating modified date on local files (OK – thats the one we added […] Read more

AnyCAD? I Can Put What in Vault Now?

Added on May 7th 2015

New to the Autodesk Inventor 2016 release is the AnyCAD feature – this is an extension of the old Inventor import capabilities allowing you now to create a file reference to a native 3rd party 3D model like a Creo or Solidworks file without having to translate it and create new files. This has a […] Read more