Bill of Materials

Managing Bill of Materials with PLM

Added on October 5th 2016

Imagine using a cool, intelligent tool for your designs and engineering – it's called CAD.  Now imagine using a napkin and pencil for your bill of materials. It may seem a bit extreme, but that's how lots of companies do it today. Not much technology goes into keeping the product recipe intelligent.  I digress.  If your […] Read more

Ten key things to consider when picking a Bill of Materials Tool

Added on September 8th 2016

If you’re committed to investing in a bill of materials (BOM) management tool, that’s a big step in the right direction to creating a product development lifecycle that has structured processes, is repeatable, and reduces the risk of error. Unfortunately, finding the right solution for your business isn’t necessarily easy, so I’ve compiled ten key […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Pinning Down Details about BoM Features in Autodesk Fusion Lifecycle

Added on May 17th 2016

Today’s tip comes from a recent Bill of Material webinar run by our own Gavin England. Did you know you can pin a specific item revision to a BoM? Pinning allows you to hard code the use of a particular revision of an item in the context of a particular parent assembly.  Another great ‘Did […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Updating a Released BOM in Autodesk PLM

Added on April 19th 2016

Need to make an update to a released assembly?  Some important bits to remember.  There is a Special Permission you’ll need to make sure you have – Override Revision Control Locks (I talked about this when first introduced back in 2012: Taking Control (Overriding Revision Control Locks in PLM 360). It’s also important to note […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Using an Auto Description in a BOM View – PLM 360

Added on March 29th 2016

Today’s tip is hot off the presses from a recent Discussion Forum post.  There was a question about adding Classification fields to the BOM Views on the BOM tab.  While this currently isn’t possible, there’s a great workaround to achieve the desired result (and this can also be displayed on the Item Details page).  It’s […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Add Related Items to BOM and Change Orders

Added on March 22nd 2016

A big time saver when working with Bill of Materials is to add affected items.  If you have a significant BOM structure, you can grab parents and children all at once. This eliminates errors and serves as a catch all, as well as provides an understanding of what your proposed changes might do to corresponding parts […] Read more

From Old School to New, Getting out of Excel

Added on February 26th 2016

In a previous post, I explored my own experiences on what it was like to manage business processes with a failing PLM.  One thing I have experienced is the rampant overuse of Excel in businesses today.  I share some of my experiences using Excel and other hybrid solutions in the following presentation: watch it here. A […] Read more

Tip Tuesday! Exporting BOM Data in Autodesk PLM 360

Added on February 16th 2016

Next week on PLM Talk – Gavin England will be demystifying Bill of Materials with some tidbits from his 2015 Autodesk University class “PL11957: Become an Autodesk PLM 360 Power User: How to Use the Broader Range of Features Available” (you can watch the class in it’s entirety as well). I wanted to share a […] Read more

Back to the BOM Tab in Autodesk PLM 360

Added on October 21st 2015

Happy Back to the Future Day!  You won’t need a time machine to catch the latest PLM Talk covering BOM Configuration and Compare if you sign up now – today at noon EDT. (Of course, if you do miss it, a recording will be available).  In the meantime, here’s a workaround for displaying links in […] Read more

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