App Friday

What’s ‘Appening in the Fusion Lifecycle App Store

Added on December 11th 2020

Have you checked out the Fusion Lifecycle App Store lately? The team has been hard at work adding several new apps to the App Store and I’d like to highlight some of them here.   What is the App Store? The Fusion Lifecycle App Store is a collection of free, ready-to-implement workspaces that contain business […] Read more

App Friday! Apps Under Construction

Added on January 26th 2018

Given the age and the advancement of workflows and scripts, we’ve moved some of our Apps to "Under Construction", but just as some are offline, there are other Apps that are on-deck to be reintroduced. Read more

App Friday! Tying apps together in Fusion Lifecycle

Added on December 1st 2017

Today we show you how you can "tie the room together" with the SQBR and SCAR apps. Read more

App Friday: Healing SCARs with Fusion Lifecycle

Added on November 3rd 2017

This week’s feature Fusion Lifecycle app I’m showcasing is known as SCAR or Supplier Corrective Action Request. Read more

App Friday: Fusion Lifecycle Pumpkin Spice App

Added on October 27th 2017

J/K. Today’s feature App is known as SQBR (Supplier Quarterly Business Review). This workspace comes w/ calculations that help you track & monitor Supplier performance. Read more

App Friday: Showcasing the Fusion Lifecycle Training App

Added on October 20th 2017

This Fusion Lifecycle App is a powerful Workspace designed to allow you to create, track, monitor and manage employee training records in real-time. Read more

App Friday: What is the Fusion Lifecycle App Store?

Added on October 6th 2017

Welcome to App Fridays! This segment of our blog will tackle the Fusion Lifecycle App Store - why you should be checking it out, and how to use it. Read more