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Bill of Materials

Autodesk Vault Talk (It's like a talking blog)

By     APRIL 18, 2014

As if reading about the new Item and BOM features in 2015 are not enough, on Thursday May 1st at 2:00 pm EST, Anil Chintamaneni, Sr User Experience Designer for Autodesk Vault will be covering the Item & BOM updates within Vault Professional 2015.

To confirm your attendance please follow the link below, but even if you can’t join us live, be sure and sign up in order to access the post event recording.

Sign up Link

A quick overview of the agenda includes:

  1. Vault Talk Introduction
  2. Item & BOM Updates
  3. AU 2014 Update
  4. Open Q&A

The data management team looks forward to hearing from as many of you as we can!