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Autodesk Vault 2016 and your ideas

By     APRIL 21, 2015

Vault Professional 2016 starts shipping for many lucky soles today (cue fireworks) and we're pretty excited about that!  Today therefore also marks the beginning of my semi-regular feature blogs on the new capabilities, starting with all your new ideas implemented as part of this release.

Vault 2016 of course includes all the mid-year Vault 2015 R2 enhancements (see the Vault Professional and Vault Workgroup 2015 R2 ideastation list here) while adding capabilities to new copy design, completing many of the item and BOM enhancements as well as introducing Inventor AnyCAD support, and finally – the crowd favorite – rollback file revision.

2016 Launch

Fireworks photo: Anthony Cramp

Again, over the coming weeks we will dive into the new capabilities but for those of you interested in the Ideastation details read on below for the complete list of implemented ideas.  

Remember if your idea is still not accepted, keep voting, meanwhile we will keep working away on those accepted ideas and hope to be able to showcase some more great ideastation ideas in the near future!


File Change State Rollback: 

This had 89 kudos, the most commented request in Vault Ideastation with 31 comments.

Role Item Editor 2 is granted the permission to manually purge Item:

Flexible Purge

Prompt before moving a file to another folder:

Search in BOM View:

Column filter in Parts Only/ First Level View:

Collapse All and Expand All in Where Used (Item context):

Resize Description field within ECO dialog:

Carry out pre-checks prior to install: