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Autodesk PLM 360 at SuiteWorld

By     APRIL 21, 2015


When it comes to business software, there’s a big bowl of alphabet soup out there – PLM, PDM, ERP, MES, SCM, CRM, ETC… and it’s not so easy to digest all those TLA’s (three letter acronyms). That’s why Autodesk and NetSuite have joined forces to make it easier for you to understand and benefit from a couple of these solutions – PLM and ERP.

As you know, PLM is a system that can accelerate innovation and time-to-market by better managing the data and processes around product design and development. PLM is great for managing Bill of Materials (BOM), engineering change orders and requests, new product introduction processes, and quality.  If you’re new to Enterprise Resource Planning, ERP is a business system for managing the data and processes involved in the manufacture and delivery of those products.  It helps to better profitability by managing planning, operations, inventory and costing. With the rate of product innovation and high competition on cost and quality, taking advantage of both PLM and ERP gives you a major advantage.

Want to learn more? In the latest PLM 411 video, Jim Brown of Tech-Clarity talks PLM and ERP with Gavin Davidson of Netsuite. Even better – if you’re in the Bay Area, come visit us at SuiteWorld May 4-7th (it’s NetSuite’s version of our AU). You’ll find us at Booth # 802. We hope to see you there!